PSE Mobility Index

Weekly Total


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Note: The PSE Mobility Index is a composite index that reflects the population in circulation, the distances covered and the travel times of the Portuguese population, where 100 represents the average mobility value from weeks 1 to 11 of 2020 (1 January to March 14, 2020).
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PSE Mobility Index

Weekend and Business Days

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Daily Evolution of Confinement (At Home)


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Confinement and Mobility on 07/08/2021

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[quick_fact heading=” Confinement Variation 7 Days Ago” number=”0″ label=”%”][/quick_fact]
[quick_fact heading=”Mobility Index” number=”107″ label=”%”][/quick_fact]
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Evolution Of Mobility Levels

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Mobility Levels at 07/08/2021

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Source: PSE (2020 e 2021)

Update Date: 23/08/2021