Mobility & OOH

Mobility is fundamental to many activity sectors.
We are passionate about spatial data!

Outdoor Audience Measurement

PSE created a solution to measure outdoor advertising audience for the first time in Portugal. It differences by continuously measuring visibility using an APP. CAEM accredited study.

Mobility Studies

To give you the best solution, we have combined geomarketing expertise with space econometrics to develop mobility and location studies at the best level in the world. 20 years of experience.

Shopper Constant Tracking

For the first time you can know the “hot spots” of the moment, in almost real time. And continuously in time! More importantly, it quantifies the commuting population of any given area, key information for Distribution and Brands. We know which stores you visited yesterday, everyday!

PSE Mobility Panel

PSE Mobility Panel is a worldwide pioneering project that measures continuously population mobility on an ongoing basis.That is, we measure mobility every day and every hour throughout the year.

This representative panel of the population, which allows to identify::
 Sociodemographic characterization (gender, age, social class and region);
 Habits and mobility motives;
 Means of transportation (car, bus, train, metro, boat, bicycle, pedestrian, …);
 Buying habits and routines (shopper journey),
– Hot Spots

Allows you to monitor current mobility and gather data to predict and anticipate needs, find business opportunities or even for a better organization of the territory, among other possible applications.

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