Painel PSE_OOH

The PSE Panel_OOH is the official audience measurement study for outdoor advertising in Portugal, certified by CAEM.

The PSE records the mobility, on an ongoing basis, of a representative sample of the population aged 15 or over and residing in the regions of Greater Porto, Greater Lisbon, North Coast, Center Coast and also in the Faro’s District. This population universe is made up of 149 Municipalities covering about 7 million inhabitants of the entire population, which corresponds to 72% of the entire continental population and 83% of the population aged 15 or over. This record is made from the information collected in an APP installed on the smartphones of the sample members, whether they have Android or IOS equipment, which constantly monitors their mobility, in an authorized manner and with the consent of each individual.

The PSE Panel_OOH provides the usual metrics for the study of media audience, namely Reach (Coverage), Frequency (OTS) and GRP’s, according to a methodology that follows the ESOMAR guidelines to measure the audience of outdoor advertising and the technical recommendations of CAEM.

The PSE Panel_OOH study will not provide ratings to Outdoor Advertising Operators who are not study clients.

Currently, the study audits around 55,000 outdoor advertising faces, spread across mainland Portugal. And which belongs to the five main Operators of the External Environment.

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