Do you have a company? So know that it is already possible to use artificial intelligence in the fight against fraud, anticipating risks.


It doesn’t matter if you watch the news on television, in the newspaper or on social networks, what is certain is that fraud related to payment risks, fraudulent use of credit cards, fraud in claims and so many others are always on the order of the day. day. However, a solution has arrived that intends to put an end to these risky situations.

You’ve certainly heard of Data Science and Advanced Search, and that’s exactly what PSE has been doing since 1994. This company is dedicated to transforming data into knowledge, providing relevant data and developing tailored analytical solutions. It was with this focus in mind that he created PSE Fraud Management, a solution to combat fraud attempts.


This resource combines the creation and simulation of risk/fraud criteria with predictive models, machine learning techniques for detecting new patterns, predictive analysis software (IBM SPSS), optimization and prioritization, simulation and continuous learning. That said, and taking into account the importance of this issue in companies, it may seem complex, but nothing like that: this solution was designed precisely to be intuitive and easy to use.


Therefore, PSE Fraud Management allows prevention. That is, it allows the creation of processes that protect the client’s business and allows the creation of a security standard. In addition, it allows detection. As? Identifying behavioral and transactional patterns, which make it possible to detect fraud, that is, all activities that deviate from the norm are detected and flagged as a possible fraud.


After this, it is necessary to investigate, by providing sets of reports and information to support the investigation and recording of results. Finally, sanctioning, sharing knowledge with other entities, to prevent these situations in the future, for example, through the creation of a black list.

PSE Fraud Management, which includes a 360º view of customers, can be applied in several areas, such as: management of legal compliance processes; payment risk detection; fraud in the filing of claims and provision of health care; fraudulent use of credit or other cards; reduction of time for approval of credit and interest rates; illegal use of certain goods, such as energy, water, gas; and optimizing the allocation of research resources according to business priorities.


With this solution, PSE intends for companies to reduce the costs they incur with fraud situations. At the same time, it also offers entities more technological capacity to incorporate more intelligence in decision-making processes, so that they become differentiating and competitive in the market. So now you know: if you have an analytical problem, talk to PSE specialists.


Article published in Dinheiro Vivo.


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