Discover the solution that finds the ideal hotspots for your sales force to work


We are in an increasingly competitive market where everything happens at great speed. Therefore, it is crucial that sales forces act surgically and travel to hotspots (places with a high potential market) for your business in order to avoid going all over the territory looking for opportunities for your company. PSE developed the PSE Predictive Mobility Sales solution that helps the sales force with information relevant to their work, allows them to collect critical business information as well as facilitates their navigation to hotspots.


Potential market predictive model

The identification of key variables for defining the potential market thus constitutes the backbone of the PSE Preditive Mobility Sales solution.

This solution makes it possible to extend the knowledge already acquired and, through Machine Learning techniques, spatio-temporal models and advanced analysis software (namely IBM SPSS), predictively identify hotspots with a high potential market in all the territories defined by the companies.

In addition to this update, the process of modeling and identifying high potential locations will also differentiate these locations on weekdays, weekends, times of the year, and in specific cases may also determine time periods.


The application of predictive analysis in decision-making processes allows companies to stand out and differentiate themselves.

For the development of the predictive project, the use of data collected by the companies is important to act more effectively. In this sense, the PSE combines these data with socio-demographic statistical information, information on points of interest and data from the PSE Mobility Panel.

Thus, all this information offers a great competitive advantage for companies.


The combination of prescriptive and predictive analysis to support decision-making.

In addition to predicting the future scenario, the PSE Predictive Mobility Sales solution uses prescriptive models that generate automatic recommendations. Which area has the greatest potential sales market on Saturday morning? Where should I open a store to reach more than X% of the Greater Lisbon market? How much of my marketing budget should I allocate to each zone according to my potential market?


In addition to the use of predictive techniques to identify places with high potential, prescriptive models can be used to optimize the allocation of application users to each place of interest in order to guarantee the maximization of sales.

The model also includes continuous learning (with continuous feedback from the commercial action), providing new locations depending on the Field Personnel action obtained, allowing a high prescription dynamic for the commercial action.


Data Model

To support the PSE Predictive Mobility Sales solution, a data model is developed to manage users, receive business information from companies as well as provide personalized analytical results.


Practical examples of use:

The PSE Predictive Mobility Sales solution has several applications, namely:

  • Allocation of sales forces to locations with the most potential for your product
  • Identification of potential sites for placing new buildings/equipment
  • Identification of the best places to sell solutions/products
  • Optimization of information, resources and processes
  • Typification of solutions and products



PSE is a company specializing in Data Science and Advanced Research, which has been on the market since 1994. In its day-to-day work, it is dedicated to providing relevant data and developing tailored analytical solutions, transforming data into knowledge.


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