revent fraud and reduce costs with the PSE Fraud Management Solution


PSE developed the PSE Fraud Management Solution, a fraud risk analysis solution for companies that includes a 360º view of customers. Solution that helps the management of companies, by anticipating risky behavior, thus allowing preventive action.

PSE Fraud Management combines the creation and simulation of risk/fraud criteria with predictive models, machine learning techniques for detecting new patterns, predictive analytics software (IBM SPSS), optimization and prioritization, as well as simulation and continuous learning.


The PSE Fraud Management solution allows:

Prevent: Creation of operational processes that convey to the customer the notion of non-vulnerability
Detect: Identification of behavioral and transactional patterns that allow detecting fraud
Investigate: Provision of sets of reports and information to support the investigation and registration of results
Sanction: Result of the investigation registered in the solution and that in some situations can be shared with other entities, for example black lists, …


How is the PSE Fraud Management Solution innovative?

The PSE Fraud Management Solution includes an analytical risk scoring system based on risk/fraud criteria, predictive models, models for detecting new patterns and anomalies, prioritization and optimization, and continuous learning.

Despite the intrinsic complexity of the theme, the solution was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, which is why it is flexible in managing changes in risk criteria, allowing autonomy for users in defining risk/fraud models and collaborative distribution for integration into the organization’s business units. It is a scalable solution, ready to include new risk themes and where users can visualize and work with complex information always in their business language.

In addition to the countless advantages previously mentioned, the PSE Fraud Management solution is a robust solution, which allows thousands of native variables to be defined on different business topics, and which allows users to create derived variables, statistically exploit the application data (through frequencies, correlations, etc.) as well as working on a 360º behavioral segmentation of their customers (from the perspective of different behavioral dimensions and sub-dimensions).

This solution allows the identification of positive cases of risk/fraud, thus reducing the costs that companies have with fraudulent customers.


It is a solution applicable in several areas of activity, namely:

– Management of legal compliance processes;

– Fraudulent use of credit or other cards;

– Reduction of time for approval of credit and interest rates, thus improving customer satisfaction;

– Illegal use of certain goods, for example energy, water, gas;

– Optimization of the allocation of research resources according to business priorities;

– Detection of:

  • payment risks;
  • claims fraud;
  • fraud in the provision of health care;
  • AML suspects.



PSE is a company specializing in Data Science and Advanced Research, which has been on the market since 1994. In its day-to-day work, it is dedicated to providing relevant data, as well as developing tailored analytical solutions, transforming data into knowledge.

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