There are now three ways to access and analyze the data.


As of this month, access to outdoor advertising audience information will be much more accessible, with the aim of expanding and massifying its full use in the Portuguese advertising market.

Our market will now have three ways available to access the weekly audience information from the Outdoor environment. They are available to all interested entities and with special commercial conditions for the Media and Advertising Agencies associated with APAN, APAME and APEIP.

There will be a form of access that is entirely free, only for Media Agencies, through a simpler and more limited application of the IDS web program, but which, even so, allows access to weekly data from any outdoor network, as well as the respective audience analysis by the different sociodemographic target groups. Week by week. And even if it is a customized network, for a specific customer.

At the same time, there will be access to the “Planview OOH” program in a commercial model identical to what happens with television, and PSE will directly license the data for this program from the Marktest Group to the Media Agencies, at an affordable price.

Finally, next September, PSE will release the IDS Agency 2.0 web program, which will already include a media planning module. It will be the Portuguese version of a specialized program for planning Outdoor campaigns, used in several countries, being the international standard specifically designed and specialized for Outdoor. It will simultaneously allow planning based on the audience, but also based on the geographic component, namely the proximity to points of interest and other spatial particularities of the Exterior Environment. In this option, customers can immediately access the results of any customized ad-hoc network that has been built by any of the included OOH Operators.

In other words, the Portuguese market will, from now on, have different ways of accessing weekly data on the audience of outdoor advertising, allowing everyone to analyze commercial networks or ad’hoc OOH networks.

It is also important to say that the PSE study, accredited by CAEM, audits a total of 55,000 faces, which naturally include all the main operators in this sector.



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Methodological Note:


This study has officially produced audience data for outdoor advertising since 2020, as a study accredited by CAEM, for Portugal.


Technical Note:

This study is the PSE panel, with continuous data collection through location monitoring and means of travel via mobile application of a panel of 2500 representative individuals of the Universe over 15 years old, residing in the regions of Greater Porto, Greater Lisbon, North Coast, Center Coast and Faro District. This study involves an APP installed on the participating sample’s mobile phones. Thus, we monitor the actual movement of the population, in each hour of the day. This study is carried out 24 hours a day. Data are obtained rigorously, via GPS and with the consent of the monitored sample. For a universe of 6,996,113 individuals residing in the regions studied, the margin of error attributable to the study is 1.62% for a confidence interval of 95%.