Algarve continues to be the destination of choice for portugueses


PSE develops a daily and continuous study on the mobility of the population, making it possible to determine and characterize their movements, particularly seasonal movements, during the summer holidays.


If we know that the Algarve continues to be the destination of choice for residents of Portugal, we see that this year, during the month of June, there was a reduction, compared to June last year, of around -26%, in the number of people who moved to this Algarve region, considering only those residing in Lisbon MA or Porto MA.


This trend appears to be consolidated in July (data under analysis), as until July 19th, there was a reduction of the same magnitude, even slightly higher, calculated at -27%, compared to the same period last year.



Methodological Note

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This study produces, in addition to monitoring mobility, information about the audience for outdoor advertising, as it is the study accredited by CAEM, for Portugal, since 2020.





This study is the PSE panel, with continuous data collection through location monitoring and means of travel via mobile application of a panel of 3000 individuals representing the Universe over the age of 15, residing in the regions of Greater Porto, Greater Lisbon, North Coast, Central Coast and District of Faro. This study involves an APP installed on the cell phones of the participating sample. This way we monitor the real movement of the population, at every hour of the day. This study is carried out 24 hours a day. The data is obtained rigorously, via GPS and with the consent of the monitored sample. For a universe of 6,996,113 individuals living in the regions studied, the margin of error attributable to the study is 1.62% for a confidence interval of 95%.