Telework at AM Lisboa


83.4% of AM Lisboa’s assets always go to their workplace. But 16.6% do some type of Telework, in a hybrid regime or not.


In the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, the active population has already returned, the majority (83.4%) to their place of work, in October.

There are, however, 9.2% who remain only in telecommuting. On the other hand, there are 7.4% of the assets, which are in a hybrid regime.

In total, it appears that 16.6% of the active population of the AML has some form of work at home, in this month of October.

These values are much lower than those observed in the 1st half of 2022 and are certainly the basis for mobility that is already above “normal” compared to the pre-pandemic situation.


Teletrabalho na AML
Source: PSE Mobility Panel, Oct.2022


Technical Data: Study carried out by PSE in October 2022 on the PSE Mobility Panel regarding the population residing in AM Lisboa aged 15 and over, based on a sample of 503 individuals, representative of the population aged 15 and over residing in Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, comprising a universe of 2.39 million people. The sampling error margin for a 95% confidence interval is ±4.4%.