Carlos Gomes, PSE’s Chief Operating Office shares how the technological tools developed by PSE help sales forces.



How can the technological tools PSE provide help sales forces?

By providing information about places with more market potential. For this purpose, the solution is made available through a mobile application and fits into the customer’s commercial structure and processes so that it is not necessary to change existing ones. As such, the sales forces now have a solution (PSE Predictive Mobility Sales) which, by providing information on the places with the most sales potential, simplifies their work and approach to the market.


How does PSE predictive model work and how can sales forces capitalize on it?

Based on existing information in the company and other sources of information, the predictive models used manage to adjust themselves through Machine Learning algorithms in order to obtain information with maximum precision at any time about which locations, zones, stores, … that must be addressed. Also at another level, it is possible to use these same models in order to be able to suggest the best places to implement stores, or other types of infrastructure. Being an intelligent model, it learns from the information that is meanwhile collected in the field or that can be added to it.


What is the role of data and what can users benefit from using your models?

Data play the most important role in the whole process, as without it it would be impossible to predict anything. That is why, as already mentioned, the use of company information, as well as the characterization of its main market, associated with other existing information, enable better knowledge at all levels of the business and the opportunities that arise. Hence the importance of feeding the models with the information meanwhile collected by the sales force. That same sales force, having detailed information on market potential, will also be able to optimize its efforts. At the level of the management of companies, having a solution like this and with the information available, it will be possible to analyze it in more detail, evaluating the effectiveness and results obtained. The PSE Predictive Mobility Sales solution, in addition to incorporating the knowledge obtained through existing and collected data, integrates predictive models using IBM SPSS that leverage the action of the sales force.




PSE, a company specializing in Data Science and Advanced Research, which has been on the market since 1994, has developed the PSE Predictive Mobility Sales solution, which helps the sales force with information relevant to their work, allowing this collection of critical information for the business as well as ease your navigation to hotspots.


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