The use of technologies is common in all businesses. We use more and more IT solutions in our day-to-day lives.

For the company to be data-driven, strategic decisions should not be made based on assumptions, but on the basis of real data! Data collected from different sources.


Think about your day… In the morning, go to a newspaper’s website so you can check the news while having breakfast. Then open Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with the news. On the way to work, put the GPS on your phone to see the fastest route, while listening to your favorite podcasts on Spotify. When he arrives at the company, he turns on the computer, opens the email and sees the newsletters he has received and finalizes the order he had left in the “shopping cart” at the supermarket to receive it as soon as possible. In just a few hours, the volume of data you’ve already created is massive!



The transformation of data into knowledge

Now the work of the data area or the project and consulting company stands out. The analysis process must be complete and well structured, we start with the collection and storage, then the data processing and analysis. Finally, we transform data into knowledge and extract valuable insights for the business.


With the Insights obtained, companies can make strategic decisions, namely marketing, customer, supplier, employee decisions, among others.

It is important that data analysts have an excellent knowledge of Big Data solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, among others.


If your company’s strategic decisions are based on data collected from different sources and analyzed by specialists, your company is data-driven.

If your company’s strategic decisions are not based on data collected from different sources and analyzed by specialists, if you collect and store data, but only use some of it or don’t know how to analyze it, you will still have a long way to go to become data-driven.


The more real information you have, the more you will stand out in the market. The more data-driven you are, the more assertive decisions you make and the more value you create for your customers.

PSE’s consulting team guides clients towards data-driven management. We develop our own methodologies and instruments for the development of analytical projects. Talk to us and start making decisions based on Insights taken from real data!