Meu Super wins Escolha de Excellentia Award for the 5th consecutive year


Meu Super recebe Premio Escolha de Excellentia 2023
João Melo, Managing Director of Meu Super



















Escolha de Excellentia Award evaluates and rewards the best that exists on the market, in terms of customer-oriented management. Distinguishing brands, which thus occupy the first sectorial places in the National Index of Performance and Customer Centricity Management, a ranking on customer-centric management practices.


For Meu Super, focus on the customer is a topic that is present in the day-to-day activities of all employees. According to João Melo, General Manager of Meu Super, this award is “confirmation that our customer interest management strategy is adequate and valued, and also the stimulus for us to continue with more ambition for improvement and proficiency.”.


The award-winning companies receive not only the “Escolha de Excellentia” seal, but also a complete evaluation report of the brand’s Customer Centric performance. This report identifies the key indicators for Excellentia Customer Centric Management. For João Melo, this report is an important tool because “Through the analysis carried out, we continue the main strengths of the brand, but we also look at our weaknesses with the aim of transforming them into opportunities for improvement.”


Escolha de Excellentia Award, promoted by Consumer Choice and developed in partnership with PSE, is the only one in Portugal that recognizes companies that stand out for their Customer Centric performance.




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