The market is constantly changing and people are increasingly specialized. It is important for companies to be able to keep employees satisfied to reduce company abandonment. In order to assess employee satisfaction, companies should carry out organizational climate studies. A good organizational climate is crucial for retaining talent and for employee productivity.


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All people in the company influence the organizational climate. Despite being somewhat subjective, as it depends on the perception of each employee, there are several day-to-day factors that influence it – believing in the project, believing in the product, liking the team, trusting the bosses, having a fair salary, among others .


A good organizational climate is one in which employees are happy, feel respected, valued and motivated. They belong to a culture they identify with and wake up every day wanting to go to work. There are good interpersonal relationships, both among colleagues and with superiors. People’s motivation comes not only from their salary, but also from the satisfaction of being part of that company, from their sense of belonging.


The Human Resources area plays a key role in promoting a good organizational culture and creating good conditions for employees. With satisfied employees, talent retention and productivity increase.

In order to offer the best conditions, it is necessary to assess employee satisfaction by carrying out organizational climate studies. An important tool that will help to extract real Insights on how satisfied employees are with the company and what are their strengths and areas for improvement.


These studies are based on organizational climate measurement instruments, such as questionnaires, Focus groups, interviews or others, made to the company’s employees, where various questions are asked to understand their degree of satisfaction.


The first step is to define the organizational climate measurement instrument.

If the study is carried out using a questionnaire, we start by preparing it with questions with a response scale or open questions. For example: “I feel overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks.”; “I am free to express my opinion and make suggestions for improvement”. The collaborator must place his answer on a scale of 1 to 5 in which 1 is “totally disagree” and 5 is “totally agree”.

Then, the questionnaire is distributed among the employees and the responses are collected. Finally, a detailed analysis is carried out using statistical techniques and dashboards are prepared with the main insights taken from the study.


The results obtained will bring a lot of value to your company. It is based on these indicators that actions to improve the company’s organizational climate will be planned.


The PSE develops organizational climate studies. The success of your company depends on the satisfaction of your employees. We help you get the best Insights and in turn make your employees more satisfied and increase employee retention.


Satisfied employees –> Increased productivity –> Increased retention –> Business success


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