The APP has arrived that allows sales teams to understand, through advanced analytical models, where they should develop their efforts to increase their sales performance.


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There are several projects developed that allow identifying the key variables for defining a potentially good market, however, and as the world is constantly changing and this is reflected in various sectors and business areas, there is now a process that constituted the backbone of these projects.

The PSE Predictive Mobility Sales analysis solution is the culmination of expanding the knowledge already acquired which, through machine learning techniques and the use of advanced analysis software (namely IBM SPSS), predictively identifies hotspots with a high potential market in all territories defined by each company. In addition to this update, it also differentiates these locations by weekdays, weekends, holidays and, in some specific cases, time periods.

This project also includes a continuous learning system, through feedback obtained. For the development of this process, companies must periodically provide, and whenever applicable, relevant information, namely the history of commercial action on the ground, sales, databases with the organic structure to support commercial action and respective allocation to territories , as well as other information that companies consider relevant to their development.

Since the beginning of its activity, in 1994, PSE – Your Data Specialists has been dedicated exclusively to advanced analytics. This is materialized today in the implementation of these technological solutions and market research, which will help salespeople to have information in real time, increase their sales and allow the collection of important information for the business.

Some of the practical examples of use are the possibility of allocating local sales forces, with the highest potential for your product, identifying other locations for placing new buildings and equipment, understanding the best places to sell solutions and products, optimization of information, resources and processes and the possibility of typifying solutions and products.


Jornal de Notícias – 26/10/2022