Extend the knowledge already acquired, through Machine Learning techniques, and predictively identify HotSpots with a high potential market.


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With the aim of helping sales forces to have information in real time, facilitating navigation to hotspots and allowing the sales force to collect critical information for the business, PSE’s Predictive Analysis Solution – Predictive Mobility Sales is presented.


It is a predictive model of potential market.

It is about expanding the knowledge already acquired and, through Machine Learning techniques, spatio-temporal models and advanced analysis software (namely IBM SPSS), predictively identify HotSpots with a high potential market in all the territories defined by the companies .

In addition to this update, the process of modeling and identifying high potential locations will also differentiate these locations on weekdays, weekends, during the summer period, and in specific cases may also determine hourly periods.

Additionally, in addition to the use of predictive techniques to identify places with high potential, prescriptive models can also be used to optimize the allocation of application users to each place of interest in order to guarantee the maximization of sales.


Constantly changing and learning.

The model also includes continuous learning (with continuous feedback from the commercial action), providing new locations depending on the action taken by the Field Personnel, allowing for a high prescription dynamics for the commercial action.

For the development of this process, companies must periodically provide relevant information, namely, history of commercial action by Field Personnel (whenever applicable), sales (whenever applicable), databases with the organic structure to support commercial action and respective allocation to territories (whenever applicable), and other information that companies consider relevant for the development of the project.


What can I use this solution for?

  • Allocate local sales forces, with the highest potential for your product;
  • Identification of potential sites for placing new buildings/equipment;
  • What are the best places to sell solutions/products;
  • Optimization of information, resources and processes;
  • Typify solutions and products.


Customization in the data model.

To support the PSE Predictive Mobility Sales Predictive Analysis solution, a data model is developed to manage users, receive business information from companies and provide personalized analytical results.


We turn data into knowledge.

PSE is a company specializing in Data Science and Advanced Research, which has been on the market since 1994. In its day-to-day work, it is dedicated to providing relevant data and developing tailored analytical solutions, transforming data into knowledge.


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